Terms and Conditions

This page contains all the terms and policies that govern how Users use all services provided by KPG. By using the services of CV Kreasi Pangan Global ("KPG") in any form, including but not limited to visiting the website www.kpgfood.co.id. User means agreeing to follow all the terms and conditions set out in this page ("Terms and Conditions").

Account Ownership

All Users, without exception, have the right to register an account at KPG for free at no charge. Users who register and have an account at KPG will be referred to as "Registered Users". Users who register and sell their products on KPG are referred to as "Sellers". Users who purchase products from KPG onwards are called "Buyers". When registering an account, the User must fill in personal data and information truthfully, accurately and completely as possible. In addition, Users must also update User account information if changes occur at any time. KPG's responsibility is not the responsibility of all forms of loss caused by incomplete and / or inaccurate information. The user is fully responsible for the account he registers. All forms of activity carried out on behalf of an account registered by the User are deemed to originate from the User himself. Users are fully responsible for maintaining all confidential User account information. KPG is in no way responsible for any losses incurred by the failure of the User to maintain the confidential information on his account.


Buyers are registered users who purchase products sold on the KPG site by the Seller. All registered Users, without exception, are entitled to become KPG Buyers.

Transaction Process

Ordering and Payment

The transaction process takes place from the time the buyer places an order for the product on the KPG service. Buyers and Sellers must carry out all steps of the transaction using the methods provided by KPG. KPG's responsibility is not the responsibility of all forms of loss resulting from carrying out one, part or all of the transaction steps outside of the methods provided by KPG.
When placing an order, the Buyer means that they have read, observed, evaluated, and agreed with all product information to be ordered.
The buyer must make a payment within a maximum of 2 x 24 hours after placing the order according to the amount requested up to the last digit. If the Buyer does not make a payment within the specified time, the Buyer is automatically deemed to have cancelled the transaction and the transaction will be automatically cancelled by the system. In the event that the Buyer pays an amount in excess of the requested amount, the excess funds will be returned to the Buyer's account after the Buyer reports this to KPG along with proof of payment. If the Buyer pays an amount less than requested, the transaction can be declared successful after the Buyer pays the shortage of the transaction amount, or the payment can be returned to the Buyer's account and the Buyer can make a new payment with the appropriate nominal. The buyer cannot cancel the order if the payment has been received.
When the Buyer has completed the order and payment, the transaction is considered successful.

Product Packaging and Shipping

In the event that the cooperation between the Seller and KPG is carried out with the type of consignment or bulk order, all packaging and delivery to the Buyer is the responsibility of KPG.
In the absence of a complaint from the Buyer after 3 (three) days since the delivery status is declared successful by the expedition, the complaint will be considered invalid.

Shipping Method

Delivery of Products ordered through the KPG website will be delivered according to the following method:
Products will be sent by the Regular shipping method with logistics service partner JNE or other KPG logistics partners with service speeds equivalent to JNE Regular (REG).