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Starting from the same passion of 3 Food Science & Technology graduates from Australia, we agreed to make healthy snacks with delicious flavors and Oh Ma Grain! was born. Organic rice cracker Oh Ma Grain! made from selected organic rice from Boyolali's natural paradise, which is located between Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi. The fertility of the volcanic soil and the purity of the springs that irrigate the land make Oh Ma Grain! have the best quality. The manufacturing process does not go through a frying or roasting process, but using popping technology.

Oh Ma Grain! has 9 flavors, namely: Sea Salt, Salt & Black pepper, Garlic, Seaweed, Roast Beef, Onion Chicken, Seaweed, Original, Roasted Corn and Chicken Curry. Oh Ma Grain! is here to answer the challenges of today's healthy diet by becoming a healthier snack alternative without MSG, gluten free, rich in fiber, without 3P (preservatives, flavorings and artificial coloring), free of trans fat, cholesterol free and also halal of course. Besides being able to be eaten directly from the package like snacks in general, Oh Ma Grain! can also be paired with your favorite toppings / dips or to cook as porridge. Oh Ma Grain! Snack is very suitable to be enjoyed with family because our snacks are safe for consumption from the age of 6 months (original variant) and 1 year and above (other variants).

As we aim to provide a healthy selection of products, we then came up with our second product which is Rice ‘n Shine organic rice flour with the same main ingredient as Oh Ma Grain!. There are 3 variants of Rice ‘n Shine which are white, brown and red. The white rice flour is a good source of carbohydrate and energy and is suitable for 6-month-old babies which just start eating solid food due to its smooth and delicate texture. The red rice flour has good nutrition and antioxidant to help countering free radicals while the brown rice flour has high fiber to maintain the digestive system. Both red and brown rice flour has fibrous texture which are suitable for 6-month-old and above babies’ weaning food (MPASI) as they learn to chew. Other than MPASI, all three rice flours can also be used as the main ingredient for bread, pastry, cookies, traditional cakes, pasta, noodle, porridge and as thickener.


Become a producer of Food & Beverages with high quality and safety for daily consumption


Offering a wide variety of innovative and delicious healthy food and beverage products to reach the wider community


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